Monday, September 21, 2009

Jamie's Food Revolution

Got this neat book for my birthday. I've made my first meal from it, as seen below. Pretty terrible photograph as I couldn't wait to eat it but it was good.

Classic Tomato Pasta

From 2009_09_21

The recipe is from the pasta section. Jamie's revolution is to teach more people to cook proper meals, so you're supposed to make a few recipes from the book and teach them to someone else. I wonder if a blog post counts? Well I guess not since I probably can't reproduce it here anyway or I'll get sued, but it's well worth buying the book.

I made a couple of changes; I increased the amount of garlic from 2 cloves to 8, since the garlic we get here in Vancouver is pretty mild. Also I put a lot less chile pepper in (the recipe says 1 fresh red chile) because the pepper I had was a very hot green fellow!

Jamie's massive amount of enthusiasm, for not just cooking and food, but also for inspiring people to cook and to eat better, comes through loud and clear in the recipes. I love this book and I'm looking forward to the next recipe I try!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

District 9

Pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed District 9. I knew it was going to be a somewhat unique sci-fi movie just from the trailers and viral ads, but I was so pleased about how different it was.

Charismatic, noble, intelligent, and paternal. These aren't typical qualities you're confronted with when watching a typical hollywood bug hunt. Not since ET have I really cared about the Aliens in the story.

The combination of the low fidelity camera work, the lack of music, the gritty portrayal of Joburg and the documentary style first person made the story real for me.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Chance to See, the TV version

Couple of nice pictures from my weekend trip to Victoria, BC's capital city.

I must get around to watching the TV programme based on the Douglas Adam's book "Last Chance to See". The book is one of my favourite, and sadly since it came out two decades ago the Yangtse river dolphin, one of the endangered creatures in the book, has indeed gone extinct.

Stephen Fry stars in the made for TV version, and as such is going to be fantastic.

Just made Indian Dahl Soup as my mother is visiting from England. So nice when a guest asks for seconds, especially when it's one of my favourite things to cook. I made a big pot of it and it's all gone. I should really post a picture of it sometime; in the meantime enjoy this version of the recipe that someone lifted from the book I found it in.

And the original book: