Sunday, April 18, 2010

Justin's first Korean BBQ

I've been planning on having a go at making Korean BBQ since going to Seoul on a business trip in November, and today I finally got around to it.

We went to H-Mart off Lougheed Highway in Burnaby, which is a Korean grocery store and picked up a pot of Kimchi, some Beef ribs and Pork belly cuts (both already sliced for BBQ) and a couple of marinades.

So I barbecued the pork first out on the deck on a small butane grill, half of it in the spicy marinade and half without. The pork belly was quite fatty, and as it cooked the BBQ was pretty wild, I was in a fireball at one point wondering whether to pull the plug, but eventually the meat looked ready and once off the grill everything calmed down.

I served the meat as it was ready, with bowls of Kimchi, sea salt, sliced fresh garlic and chopped spring onions. As I suspected it was a bit too spicy for Jamie, but he loved the non-marinated meat. He liked the Kimchi though, and even drank the juice from the bottom of the pot.

Next up the Beef ribs. This was a lot better behaved on the BBQ as it was a lot more lean. The marinade I had for the beef was dark and sweet flavour, with no spice, so Jamie loved that and probably ate almost a pound of the grilled meat.

My verdict ... it's pretty easy to make Korean BBQ and Jamie quite happily will eat spicy Kimchiand raw garlic when there is grilled meat involved.

From Justin's first Korean BBQ

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