Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stir fry of some kind

No family at home tonight so I was free to cook whatever I want. I had some deep fried Tofu and Bruised Garlic Chilli sauce from T&T so I decided to make a stir fry using those. Seeing as I worked until 6pm and didn't get home until 7pm this a great meal to do in a hurry.


In addition to the Tofu I fried some freshly chopped garlic, ginger and green (or spring) onions, lightly in peanut oil.


After a few minutes I added three baby bok choy and a couple of dessert spoons of the chilli sauce.


The end result was delicious, the sauce is not super spicy, but for kids or people not of a spicy persuasion maybe half a dessert spoon of the sauce would be fine. I served this over steamed rice.
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