Saturday, May 15, 2010

Save the Green Planet

I always love watching Japanese movies because the stories are so utterly bizarre. Well 'Save the Green Planet' is not at all Japanese, it's Korean, but it is a pretty weird story!

You're never quite sure whether this is an horrific psycho torture movie, a sci-fi movie, or a psychological thriller. In fact it's a bit of all these genres and perhaps a cop drama too.

To do the movie a great injustice by trying to capture it in a nut shell, this is about a young couple who kidnap the executive of a large corporation, because they believe he is a member of an alien race. Keeping him locked up and subjecting him to various horrible tortures (which are not shown in any kind of graphic detail, but are still unpleasant), they try to determine if he really is who they think he is.

In the meantime borderline-cliche rookie cop and disgraced veteran cop duo, team up and try to track down and rescue the executive.

Never boring; fast paced but quite long, and filled with that brilliant Korean mix of warm humour and shocking violence.

Conclusion: Another brilliant Korean movie, definitely enjoyed this one a lot.

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